ABGESAGT 04. – 18.09.20 | Mazewa Workcamp 2020 | Zittau

17:30 Uhr – 17:30 Uhr | Jüdischer Friedhof Zittau

Autor_innen: MAZEWA (Facebook)

Stones are for eternity. They’re not going anywhere, which is great, because we have to postpone the first MAZEWA workcamp until next summer. 😢
We are doing so with a heavy heart. We hope that by August 2021 this cursed pandemic will have run its course so that young people will be able to come together without fear.

Until then, you can follow us here (Facebook) or on the upcoming website. Get a glimpse of the raw version of our virtual tour of the Jewish cemetery on 13 September (accessible for one day only).
Gut Schabbes everyone and see you soon!
Anne & the MAZEWA team

A international workcamp for young volunteers in the heart of Europe!
Ein internationales Workcamp am „guten Ort“ in Zittau
(Informationen auf Deutsch weiter unten)

MAZEWA is an international youth project which centres on the Jewish cemetary in Zittau, a small town located in the borderlands between Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. During two workcamps with volunteers from all over Europe we will approach one of the last authentic historical spaces of Jewish life as a place of digital leraning and remembrance. The first workcamp will take place in September 2020, the second one year later.

The Zittau Jewish Cemetery is an exceptional place in an exceptional environment: built and maintained by a small yet thriving Jewish community, defiled and partly destroyed during the Shoah, neglected and violated in the following decades, and mostly forgotten by the local population in the German-Polish-Czech tri-country area. While most traces of Jewish life in the town of Zittau have vanished, the cemetery still exists and has preserved Jewish cultural heritage, mostly in the shape of many a “Mazewa” – traditional headstones.
In a two-week workcamp, we will attempt to revive the heritage of this unique place by bringing it into the digital age.
Together, we will approach the cemetery with methods of heritage interpretation and digital mapping and create a virtual tour of the cemetery. This way, the Jewish cemetery in Zittau may become a place for visitation and active remembrance again – and help carry the cultural heritage of Jewish life in the region into the 21st century.


MAZEWA is a cooperation between the Hillersche Villa gGmbH, VJF e.V., the Jewish community in Dresden and Liberec (CZ) and the city of Zittau

Mit MAZEWA erschließen wir den jüdischen Friedhof in Zittau als einen digitalen Lernort. Wir möchten den „guten Ort“ und den damit verbundenen Alltag von jüdischem Leben und Sterben in Zittau sichtbarer machen. Kern von MAZEWA sind zwei Workcamps für junge Erwachsene auf ganz Europa, die jeweils im September 2020 und 2021 stattfinden.

Das Projekt MAZEWA ist eine Kooperation zwischen der Hillerschen Villa gGmbH, dem VJF e.V., der jüdischen Gemeinde in Dresden, der jüdischen Gemeinde Liberec (CZ) und der Stadt Zittau

Mehr Informationen hier (Facebook)

Netzwerkstatt / Hillersche Villa

Die NETZWERKSTATT der Hillerschen Villa in Zittau arbeitet im Bereich Demokratiebildung und betreibt Aufklärung und Prävention. Mit Schulworkshops und Seminaren z.B. zu sächsischer NS-Geschichte und rechtsextremen Strukturen, DDR-Geschichte/Zittau 1989, Jüdisches Leben in Zittau und Jugendbeteiligung. Du findest unsere Arbeit wichtig? Unterstütze uns jetzt mit einer Spende!