[englisch] How to prevent the rise of right-wing populism? Perspectives from the USA and Germany

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Autor_Innen: Widen the Circle

A panel conversation with Derek Black, Stephan Conrad, moderated by Marc Skvirsky

Derek Black comes from an influential and well-known family on the radical right in the U.S., which he turned away from in his student days. Stephan Conrad grew up in a small town in Saxony during, among other things, the so-called „baseball bat years“ of right-wing extremist violence. Both are dedicated to combatting racism, antisemitism, and other forms of dehumanization. In this event, Derek Black talks about the views and world views that shaped his youth and the factors that were decisive in discarding them. Stephan Conrad will give a short insight into the democracy work at Treibhaus e.V., the Obermayer Award-winning organization promoting democracy and inclusion and using the lessons of history to combat prejudice, and his personal experiences in dealing with right-wing populism.

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